Denim Ginger Skirt

I was looking for a smartish denim skirt that I could wear to work, but also dress down at the weekends and decided to go for the Colette Ginger skirt. It is SOOO simple to make and has three different waistbands to choose from  and the shaped ones add a nice bit of detail to an otherwise plain skirt.

full length no head

(I even got my legs out…apologies!)

I chose the curved waistband for my denim version. I’m trying to choose patterns that I can learn some new techniques in at the moment and this was my first invisible zip! Well, actually it was my second because I had to rip the first attempt out and start all over again as I had ended up a blatantly obvious zip rather than an invisible one (didn’t take a photo of that – I should have done)!


(a bit creased from the car journey but pretty near invisible)

To install the zip I followed the tutorial on the Colette website which were really clear. The issue the first time around for me was that I hadn’t pressed it down enough with the iron before I started, so I couldn’t get as close to the zip as I needed to when I was sewing. The other problem was that I didn’t have an invisible zip foot for my machine – I just used the normal zip foot, which was tricky but worked okay in the end. It’s not completely invisible but I think it looks pretty good for a first/second attempt.

I did the facing with some ticking I had spare and edged the seams with homemade bias binding in the same fabric. In some parts I managed to make a complete bodge of this very simple task, I think I got a bit over excited and rushed at the end so had to redo some bits there too.

lining shot

I had some help from a friend to do the hem who had an amazing free-standing hem measuring device with little fold out legs – it worked a treat, this is the best hem I’ve ever done. I can only seem to find them on ebay. I decided to hand stitch an invisible hem as although it’s denim I didn’t use top stitching anywhere else so I thought it might look a bit odd.

hem measurer

(hem gadget! – I want one – have ever used one?)

I’m really pleased with this skirt, I’ve already worn it loads – one weird thing is that subconsciously my brain wants it to have pockets and I keep going to put things in them then finding they’re not there. Maybe it’s just the denim tricking me into thinking I’m wearing jeans. It’s a bit creepy – have you ever had phantom pocket problems?

silly pose

Cheesy pose alert!

Summer’s finally arrived so took some picks at a flower meadow near our house. Lovely.


Crazy about Colette

Like the rest of the sewing world,  I’ve become totally hooked on Colette patterns! So imagine my delight when these goodies dropped into my mailbox recently…

Yey! Colette Sewing Handbook and the Beignet pattern! So exciting! I’ve been working my way through the book, which I must say I love everything about, and decided to put to good use the aubergine needlecord I bought from a Norwegian online shop for my first Beignet.  I found plenty of inspiration online – from Kestral, Karen, Tilly and Joanne. Loving all these cord versions! After working out how to use my buttonhole foot (lost my sewing machine instructions in the move to Norway!) I was ready to start…

And here it is! I’m super happy with how it turned out.  Next time I’ll make it the size smaller as it’s definitely a bit roomy, but I don’t mind with this one as it’s a winter skirt. Perfect for sneaking in those extra mince pies 😉

Note to self – must get hair cut!!