About Us


I’m Sadie. I’m English and have lived in Stavanger, Norway since May 2010.

A few years ago whilst still in England I took a course in dressmaking, spurred on by my friend Lucy. I made a basic A line skirt and a tweed dress, which taught me a few basic sewing skills and made me realise I really needed a sewing machine in my life.  But other than a few clutch purses made for presents, the sewing machine hardly came out of its box following my course.

And then we moved to Norway and I found myself with more time on my hands.  I decided after wisely lugging said machine over the North Sea that I really should make use of it, and one day I set it up in it’s own little sewing zone.  Hurrah! I bought some patterns and embarked upon making a dress to wear for a beach wedding in the South of France and was really pleased with the result. And then I discovered sewing blogs…and became addicted! I have absorbed page after page of inspirational creative stories from around the globe and thus decided to take the plunge and create more of my own wardrobe.  Fabric, patterns and everything else that I need for sewing is fairly limited in Norway but thankfully I have discovered printable patterns and coordinating my visits home with ordering online! So now I have a small stash and a plan of action for my next few projects. My expanding Norwegian vocabulary has also enabled me to try out some Norwegian patterns!

So…that’s me. I hope to improve my sewing skills as I go, and I can’t wait for the day that someone admires an outfit and I can casually say, oh thanks, actually I made it myself!


Hi, I’m Lucy.

I’m the friend that encouraged Sadie to join me in taking a few dressmaking classes all those years ago (well, let’s say 5 years ago!). Before that I’d used my sewing machine a lot for crafty projects and made couple of pieces of clothing but I was a bit of a bodger and I didn’t really know what I was doing.

The classes were ace, we got shown the right way to do things and after a couple of projects my confidence was running so high (and budget so low) that I decided to make my own wedding dress! I made a 1950’s Vintage Vogue day dress pattern into a silk wedding dress, I needed to adapt the pattern a bit, mainly to change from button holes to rouleau loops up the front, but at the end of the day I had my dream dress and achieved something I could be proud of forever.

After getting married I had a little girl and made a few things for her, then funded part of my maternity leave by making applique cushions for children’s bedrooms but I hadn’t made anything for myself for a few years. Recently though I’ve been bitten by the clothes making bug again and I can’t stop!

Sadie and I used to have a blog when we worked together in the UK and decided to start one again and since she lives in Norway now, this time it is international! So here we go…


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