A Spring Swing Jacket

Wow, I don’t even want to check how long it’s been since I last posted! Although I’ve made a few things in recent months, I’ve certainly not been in the habit of blogging. But now I’m re-joining forces with Lucy to try and document the clothes I’ve made, and make even more. I have a growing collection of patterns and books and I really want to get stuck back into sewing, and I know Lucy will motivate me!!

Recently I heard that an old colleague, Marte, was launching her own pattern company, Compagnie M, so I was delighted to get back in touch with her and ask if I could make one of her patterns. Children’s clothing is so small and dinky I knew it would be a great way to get back into making things. Marte sent me Compagnie M’s first pattern, Coat Nr 1, to try in age 2, since I know a very special almost 2yr old who I thought would make a perfect model.

Coat Nr 1 by Compagnie M

Coat Nr 1 by Compagnie M

I have made a few things for little people before, but this was most definitely the most involved kids pattern I’ve made, so it was really nice to test my skills and try out a few new techniques. Like welt pockets!

Single Welt Pockets - woo hoo!

Single Welt Pockets – woo hoo!

I followed a tutorial by Pattern Runway in the end, as it seemed to be the clearest one I could find. I’m so happy they turned out well, and can’t wait to try them again on something for me. (Although next time, I will make the welt meet a bit closer to the top edge) Here’s a sneek peek inside the pocket…

Little pockets for little treasures

Little pockets for little treasures

And the retro-tastic lining which I love!



The main fabric is a lightweight chambray, and the lining a thin cotton. I used a slippery viscose blend for the sleeves to make getting little arms in and out easier. I bought both from my local fabric shop in Stavanger, Stoff og Stil. Previously, I’d only been able to shop from their online store, but they recently opened a huge shop 10 mins cycle ride away which is great news for my growing pattern collection…not so great news for my wallet! The only thing I managed to forget whilst making this up was interfacing the body facing to support the buttons. When I finished everything else, I decided this light weight jacket would do better with 1 top button only, to play on the 60s swingy shape the back pleat gives. I only hope it will stand up to a 2yr old’s usage without the interfacing.

The 2 most challenging things about making this were inserting the lining neatly (I ended up winging it a little bit in order to not have any topstitching on the external bottom hem, so hand stitched the bottom edge of the lining to the folded hem of the external jacket) and the sleeves. The viscose was just very slippery, plus the wrists on a 2yr old’s jacket are really not big…but I got there in the end.

I’m super pleased with the outcome of this pattern – thanks Marte for a great project 🙂 If you’re interested in making a version for your own little girl, you can get the pattern (and others!) for free from Compagnie M here.



Swingy back

Swingy back


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