1940s Lingerie Sewalong

I’ve been sewing along with Anna of A Few Threads Loose   – and the results are coming along nicely! I started a bit late due to printer problems, but other than that minor technical hitch it’s gone great so far. I would probably never have chosen to make this pattern without the push to follow Anna’s instruction. But I’m glad I did! The pattern is a PDF printable of an original 1940s one by Pauline Patterns in Australia. I chose a purple and grey soft thin cotton with a grey and black polka dot for the band and bias.Here’s a sneaky peek…just got the straps and closure to go then I’ll be on to the bottoms. Yey!

  This was only the second attempt at making my own bias binding, I’ve generally stuck to shop bought stuff since the first attempt a few years ago ended in tears.  But I followed Miss P’s handy tutorial using masking tape and it was totally problem free! Thank you Miss P 🙂

Watch this space for the finished bra…


2 thoughts on “1940s Lingerie Sewalong

    • Thanks! I would definitely recommend giving it a go, especially with Mrs Depew’s sewalong help. I still need to sew the straps on, but I’ve been distracted by the arrival of my Colette sewing handbook!!

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