My First Sewalong!

Exciting news! I’m going to be participating in my first sewalong! The exact pattern is yet to be decided, but it’s going to be vintage lingerie, hosted by my fellow expat Mrs Depew of A Few Threads Loose

I can’t wait to get started.

In other news, last week when I was back in the UK I visited a silk printing workshop and bought some gorgeous fabric. It’s called Beckford Silk and has a workshop where you can see the silk being hand screen printed. We saw 2 screens in a 16 screen set being completed, for this really detailed scarf of flowers and butterflies.  It was amazing!

After the tour of the workshop, we spent a long time choosing some silk to buy. I dived straight into the seconds box and choose a plain russet orange heavy crepe de chine and a lighter weight navy blue with orange polka dots. There are 2 spots missing on one section of the polka dot, but I can easily cut around them and actually as it’s a hand printed item and we even met the guy that had printed it I really don’t mind that it has a little mistake on it! These silks are fantastic quality, and were both under £10 per metre which I thought was great value for the quality and the work that went into them.  As it’s so hard to find nice fabrics here in Norway I love choosing special stuff when I’m back in the UK!

I’m considering this dress from Pattern Runway for the russet, but not sure if I’d really get a lot of wear out of it. 1 – it’s coming into Winter now so not very practical and 2 – it’s a really similar shape to a load of other dresses I already have in my wardrobe. But I love the shape!

As for the polka dots, I’m not sure yet. Maybe they would make nice lingerie for the sew along! I would like to make Dixie DIY’s Portia T-shirt from Miss P’s refashioners series and I think that would look cute with the polka dot for the main parts and the plain as the accent colour. Oh the choices!


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