Le Dress!

So after a few bags, purses and general small things, I recently got into sewing actual items of clothing for myself. This year I had 3 weddings to go to (2 in Worcestershire, 1 in St Tropez daahling!) and was determined to make myself a dress that would work for all 3. As it was, I hadn’t finished in time for the first one…but the last stitches were complete right in time for my trip to the sunny South of France, hurrah!

Since making this dress (completed it in June), I’ve learnt a few more things about sewing so there are a lot of things I’d do differently next time. But as these are all on the inside, it was still amazing to wear something which I made (and really like!). I used a Cynthia Rowley Simplicity pattern, 2406. The instructions were great, but I ran into a problem with the material I chose.  It’s a really sweet Liberty print, with little coral and blue birds lined up in stripes. But it’s a cotton lawn so very thin, and as it’s cream it’s very sheer! The pattern doesn’t call for lining and so I sort of winged it, trying to underline beneath the facings without knowing what I was doing! It was totally fine except for the centre back join which went a bit odd, but oh well – I’ll learn for next time!

Also, next time I would lower the neckline a little bit, as I don’t think it’s that flattering, and also make a much smaller size as I took out literally 2 inches from each side seam and I still think it’s a bit big. The armholes are a bit low too – you can kind of see my bra peeking out. But other than that, I really like the shape, it’s very versatile and forgiving as it’s not fitted, and I hope to make it again.  Next time I’ll choose a thicker material and skip the lining to save myself a headache I think.


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